The Deep Blue Sea: How Deep Water Aerobics Can Keep You Healthy While Pregnant

Posted on: 3 August 2016

When you're pregnant – especially once you get about halfway through your second trimester – it can feel nearly impossible to get through any sort of exercise. You're tired, your feet are swollen, and you feel like one of those killer whales you see on documentaries. But what if there was a way to exercise without any impact on your body – and where, even in public, no one can really see you? If you're interested in what deep water aerobics can do for your health and well-being while pregnant, then here's what you need to know.

It's Low-Impact

Water has somewhere between 4-42 times the resistance that air does (depending on the exercise), so automatically any exercise done in the water is twice as good for your muscles as it is on land. This increased resistance doesn't mean more damage for your muscles and joints, however; water exercises are classified as low-impact, meaning that they have few, if any, negative effects on the body as a result of any movement performed in the water.

Not only is low-impact exercise good for your body while pregnant, it also prevents stress from being placed on your growing baby. Deep water aerobics takes away any need to use your muscles to support yourself, giving you a workout without stressing your body.

It Improves Circulation

Exercising in the water helps to both increase the circulation of blood in your body and to keep your heart rate from getting too high during that exercise. Improving your circulation is a godsend during pregnancy, as pregnancy can exacerbate already poor circulation, leading to feet and hands that look and feel bloated. The improved circulation that you'll get from exercising in water helps to keep your heart rate down; because blood is pumped more efficiently by the heart and throughout the body, your heart doesn't have to work as hard, and it can thus settle down a bit.

It Keeps You Healthy

It's a given that exercise keeps you healthy, and exercise that doesn't hurt or put your baby in danger is hard to come by when you're pregnant. Deep water aerobics gives you all the benefits of a hard-core aerobics workout while the water supports all but about 10% of your body weight – no matter what weight you're currently at. Being able to exercise regularly while pregnant also helps to keep your muscles in shape and releases endorphins to keep you happy and optimistic – all good things when it comes to being pregnant. As always, before you start any new exercise regimen while pregnant, make sure to talk to your doctor, like Health Care for Women, about any possible risk factors for you.