4 Obstetric Services For Women

Posted on: 8 October 2021

The field of obstetrics relates to pregnancy and childbirth. Obstetric care may help women have healthy pregnancies and positive birthing experiences. Here are some of the services that obstetricians can provide to women who are pregnant and those who have recently given birth:

1. Prenatal Care

Women need to see their doctors regularly while they are pregnant. Obstetricians provide the prenatal care women need to ensure they have healthy pregnancies that progress as planned. Additionally, some women are at risk of complications during pregnancy, especially if they are older or have had high-risk pregnancies in the past. If you are a candidate for a high-risk pregnancy, your obstetrician may want to perform additional prenatal tests during your pregnancy. Amniocentesis and other tests can help doctors monitor the health of your child, so they can make appropriate recommendations.

2. Labor And Delivery Services

In addition to monitoring women throughout their pregnancies, obstetricians can also deliver babies and help mothers who are in active labor. From the moment you check in to the hospital or birth center, you will be in the care of an experienced obstetrics team. Obstetricians and the nurses who assist them will monitor your vital signs and the vital signs of your baby. They will check your cervical dilation periodically, provide pain relief upon request, and guide you through the process of delivering your child. Obstetricians help mothers give birth safely and with as little pain as possible.

3. Cesarean Sections

Sometimes c-sections are necessary to ensure the safety of mothers and their babies, such as when babies are presenting breech. In other cases, women may choose planned c-sections. A c-section is a type of obstetric surgery where a baby is manually removed from the uterus of its mother. C-sections are performed by obstetricians using a type of local anesthesia called an epidural. If you require a c-section or you would like to discuss an elective c-section, your obstetrician can help you understand your options.

4. Postnatal Care

Postnatal care is a necessary obstetric service. After women give birth, their bodies don't automatically go back to the way they were pre-pregnancy. Pregnancy and delivery are intensive biological processes, and women's bodies need time to heal. Postnatal care ensures that women have medical supervision in the weeks following their deliveries. Obstetricians will ensure that women's bodies are healing as they should, whether they experienced vaginal or c-section delivery. Obstetricians can also provide counseling for many of the questions that new mothers have, such as those pertaining to breastfeeding and when it is safe to resume sexual activity.